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The cause of El Salvador foundation creation was to increase self sufficiency by providing food, personal care items, medical supplies, medical referrals and key programs and services that can make a difference in people life.

We devoting our energy and talents to contribute to made our golden state a better place to live and raise our families,

The vision El Salvador foundation is a nonprofit humanitarian and disaster relief,education,prevention and medical assistance organization, dedicated to help in usa through human development programs and educate the suffering of children and their families throughout the united states and around the world.


The El Salvador foundation goal:

Is to create our clinic and we will charge like 20 dollars for consultation and we will work to get government grants to provide medicines and their needs, and development all our programs.


We will never charge for food or care boxes those are complements of our foundation we will always try to get donations to help the people of low income and the toys will be for California children free of charge in Christmas.